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Wikipedia is the best thing ever… Making it even better? Its public list of stats, shedding light on what the collective world is thinking about.[1]

The Multiyear ranking of most viewed Wikipedia pages from December 1, 2007 to the present demonstrates human interests during that period. The views data for Wikipedia’s first years (2001–2007) is fragmentary and complete data on mobile views is available only since July 1, 2015. This presently precludes the possibility of all-time ranking with the multiyear perspective being the closest we can get to.

The lists below include desktop views since December 1, 2007 and mobile views since July 1, 2015.

Being one of the best indicators of “what the collective world is thinking about,” the list of most viewed Wikipedia pages receives wide attention in unassociated institutions and external popular media sources. University Degli Studi di Milano created an engine of the complete ranking of all Wikipedia articles for 2014–2017.[2] In 2013, an external media source attempted to determine the 10 most popular Wikipedia pages of all time.[3] The same year the BBC news website published an article discussing most searched Wikipedia articles in 2012 in different languages.[4] Other versions of top-lists for shorter periods are regularly published and discussed by external popular media.[5][6][7][8] [9][10][11]



Most-viewed pages were detected from earlier lists for shorter periods (named in “See also” and “External links” below) and such engines as Wikitally (existed until 2017) and Massview.[12] Massview counts views by category since July 1, 2015. The number of views for the detected pages were found in Multiyear ranking of Wikipedia pages views.[13] This site gives the approximate number of desktop views since December 1, 2007 and mobile views since July 1, 2015. Views on this site until June 2015 for desktop include bot pageviews, while those July 2015 for both desktop and mobile exclude identifiable bots and spiders (but may still end up counting many views by bots and spiders as legitimate human views). This might explain differences in view numbers between this site and the lists of Andrew West for 2015–2018.[14][15][16][17]

The leading page

The undisputed leader is Wikipedia’s Main page, with over 41 billion views as of January 2020 — more than the rest of the Top-100 list combined including non-ranked pages. For comparison, Despacito which leads YouTube[18] has 6.6 billion views. According to its information page, the Main page was created as Wikipedia marked its first year, on January 26, 2002. Wikipedia:Most popular pages October 2001, however, states that the Main page had existed and led by wide margin already in October 2001. It is not known which pages had led the ranking during Wikipedia’s first months, although by the end of the first month (January 31, 2001) the most viewed page was Usenet cabal.[19]

Top-100 list

(December 1, 2007 – January 1, 2020).Rank*PageViews in millionsMain Page41,000Special:Search13,000Special:Random7900**2500Undefined1800Special:Watchlist324Special:Randompage314***Wiki261***Facebook247***YouTube221**404.php212***xHamster2041United States204Special:Book185Special:CreateAccount172***Wikipedia171Portal:Current events1672Donald Trump165***Google155Search153Wikipedia:Your first article1363Barack Obama1354India1285World War II119Special:RecentChanges1186Michael Jackson1177United Kingdom1148Lady Gaga1129Elizabeth II1089Eminem10811Game of Thrones107Creative Commons Attribution10712Adolf Hitler10413Sex10314The Beatles10114Cristiano Ronaldo10116World War I9917Justin Bieber97Wsearch.php97***Malware9618Canada9219Steve Jobs9119The Big Bang Theory91Portal:Contents9021Kim Kardashian9022Freddie Mercury8923Darth Vader8723Australia8725Stephen Hawking8526Lionel Messi8427Lil Wayne8227List of highest-grossing films8229Star Wars8129Academy Awards8129Dwayne Johnson8129Miley Cyrus8133List of Presidents of the United States8034How I Met Your Mother7934China7934Taylor Swift7937Japan7837Germany7839Selena Gomez7739Abraham Lincoln7739Harry Potter7742Rihanna7643The Walking Dead (TV series)7543New York City7545Russia7445Johnny Depp7445Albert Einstein7445September 11 attacks7449Kanye West7249Tupac Shakur7249Michael Jordan7252Leonardo DiCaprio7152France71Talk:Main Page7154Breaking Bad7054Angelina Jolie7056LeBron James6956Earth69Export pages6958Mila Kunis6859Glee (TV series)6759Mark Zuckerberg6759Vietnam War6759John F. Kennedy6759William Shakespeare67Wikipedia:Contact us6764Nicki Minaj6664Arnold Schwarzenegger6666Tom Cruise6566Pablo Escobar6566Scarlett Johansson6569Will Smith6469John Cena6469Jennifer Aniston6469Ariana Grande6473Singapore6373Muhammad Ali6373Katy Perry6373Sexual intercourse6373Bill Gates6373Illuminati6373Ted Bundy6373Charles Manson6381Queen Victoria6281Israel62****Indigenous australian6283Elon Musk6183Bruce Lee6183Doctor Who6183Elvis Presley6183London6188Keanu Reeves6088Halloween6088Adele6088Marilyn Monroe6088Jay-Z6088Global warming60Portal:Featured content60***Web scraping6094List of Marvel Cinematic Universe films5994Human penis size5994Prince (musician)5994AMGTV59Special:RecentChangesLinked5997England5897RMS Titanic5897David Bowie58Notes

-*The rank omits Wikipedia special and disambiguation pages and pages with a large part of unintentional views.

-**An artifact that somehow gets logged, sometimes after the data source changed.

-***Probably the consistent popularity of such pages as Google, Wiki, YouTube, Facebook is due in part to people accidentally typing these site names/URLs into a search engine or address bar when intending to actually visit the sites themselves.[20]

-****Somehow, Indigenous australian logged 62 million views in May 2014.


(December 1, 2007 – January 1, 2020)

The list includes current member states of the United Nations. Besides the top-30 countries, the list gives 5 most boring countries.RankPageViews in millions1United States2042India1283United Kingdom1144Canada925Australia876China797Japan787Germany789Russia7410France7111Singapore6312Israel6213Brazil5714Philippines5515Netherlands5416Pakistan5316Italy5316New Zealand5319Spain5220Mexico5021Turkey4921South Africa4923Indonesia4824North Korea4724Switzerland4726Sweden4427Egypt4328Iran4229Norway4130Ireland4030Iceland4031-188159 countries39-5.2189Guinea-Bissau5.1190Saint Vincent and the Grenadines4.5191São Tomé and Príncipe4.4192North Macedonia4.3193Georgia4.0


(December 1, 2007 – January 1, 2020)RankPageContinentViews in millions1New York CityNorth America752SingaporeAsia633LondonEurope614Hong KongAsia505DubaiAsia44*AngelsbergEurope446Los AngelesNorth America407ParisEurope378ChicagoNorth America369Washington, D.C.North America3510San FranciscoNorth America3010MumbaiAsia3012RomeEurope2813TorontoNorth America2613PhiladelphiaNorth America2615Machu PicchuSouth America2515MonacoEurope2515TokyoAsia2518AmsterdamEurope2318BostonNorth America2318BarcelonaEurope2321BerlinEurope2221SeattleNorth America2223JerusalemAsia2123PompeiiEurope2123VeniceEurope2123IstanbulEurope/Asia2127SpartaEurope2027VaticanEurope2027ShanghaiAsia2027MacauAsia2027Rio de JaneiroSouth America2027VancouverNorth America20

  1. Angelsberg is a Luxembourg town of some 300 people. Somehow, it logged 37.0 million views in two months in 2015. That year it was second only to the Main page in the number of views.[21]

Buildings & Structures & Statues

(December 1, 2007 – January 1, 2020).Rank*PageDate of completion*Views in millions1Taj Mahal1653412Great Wall of Chinac. 212 BC332Statue of Liberty1886332Burj Khalifa2009335Eiffel Tower1889316Berlin Wall1960s287Machu Picchu15th century258Stonehenge3rd millennium BC238Colosseum802310Mount Rushmore National Memorial19392110Great Pyramid of Gizac. 2560 BC2112One World Trade Center20142012Empire State Building19312014Large Hadron Collider20081915White House18001816Golden Gate Bridge19371516Panama Canal19141518Hagia Sophia5371418Angkor Wat12th century1420Big Ben18591320Guantanamo Bay detention camp20021320Christ the Redeemer (statue)19311323Pantheon, Romec. 1261223Parthenon5th century BC1223Buckingham Palace18501226Disneyland19551126Colossus of Rhodes280 BC1128Wembley Stadium20071028New York Stock Exchange19031028Channel Tunnel19941031Notre-Dame de Paris13459.632Forbidden City14209.533Willis Tower19739.334Taipei 10120049.035Westminster Abbey9609.036Windsor Castle11th century8.637Walt Disney World19718.537Arc de Triomphe18368.539Lighthouse of Alexandriac. 246 BC8.340John F. Kennedy International Airport19488.141Brooklyn Bridge18837.941Temple of Artemisc. 540 BC7.943Code of Hammurabic. 1754 BC7.843ADX Florence19947.845Statue of Zeus at Olympia5th century BC7.546Acropolis of Athens5th century BC7.147Wall Street19th century7.047Library of Alexandria3rd century BC7.047Dome of the Rock6927.050Great Sphinx of Giza2532 BC6.8517 World Trade Center20066.452Statue of Unity20186.353Moai14th century6.253Church of the Holy Sepulchre3356.255Epcot19825.955Leaning Tower of Pisa13725.955Palace of Versailles16785.958Petronas Towers19965.759Delhi Metro20025.660Washington Monument18885.561British Museum17535.461Brandenburg Gate17915.463Al-Aqsa Mosque7055.163Erie Canal18255.163Suez Canal18695.166Antilia (building)20105.067Gateway of India19244.968Chichen Itza7th century4.869David (Michelangelo)15044.870Indira Gandhi International Airport1940s4.770Tower of London10784.772Alcatraz Federal Penitentiary19344.672MetLife Stadium20104.674Shanghai Tower20154.575Red Fort16484.475Louvre17934.475Neuschwanstein Castle18864.478St. Peter’s Basilica16264.378India Gate19214.378Führerbunker19444.381Hampi15004.281LaGuardia Airport19394.283Göbekli Tepe10th millennium BC4.183Mausoleum at Halicarnassus351 BC4.183Borobudur9th century4.186Hadrian’s Wall1284.086Disneyland Paris19924.086Mercedes-Benz Stadium20174.089Konark Sun Temple13th century3.889United States Military Academy18023.889Cloud Gate20063.892Alhambra13th century3.792Beijing Capital International Airport19583.794Heathrow Airport19463.694Georgia Guidestones19803.694London Eye20003.694Gillette Stadium20023.698George Bush Intercontinental Airport19693.598Los Angeles International Airport19303.598Palace of Westminster10163.598Rikers Island prison19323.5

  1. All BC dates are marked. The rest of dates are AD.


(December 1, 2007 – January 1, 2020)

Donald Trump was not in this list in January 2016; however, a year later (upon his inauguration as president), he became the most popular.RankPageViews in millions1Donald Trump1652Barack Obama1353Michael Jackson1174Elizabeth II1084Eminem1086Lady Gaga1127Adolf Hitler1048Cristiano Ronaldo1019Justin Bieber9710Steve Jobs9111Kim Kardashian9012Freddie Mercury8913Stephen Hawking8514Lionel Messi8415Lil Wayne8216Dwayne Johnson8116Miley Cyrus8118Taylor Swift7919Selena Gomez7719Abraham Lincoln7721Rihanna7622Albert Einstein7422Johnny Depp7424Kanye West7224Tupac Shakur7224Michael Jordan7227Leonardo DiCaprio7128Angelina Jolie7029LeBron James6930Mila Kunis68


(December 1, 2007 – January 1, 2020)

The list is primarily made of modern day pop and rap stars with several legends mixed in. Among the names here are Prince and David Bowie who saw many of their page views in 2016 after their deaths.RankPageViews in millions1Michael Jackson1172Lady Gaga1123Eminem1084Justin Bieber975Freddie Mercury896Lil Wayne827Miley Cyrus818Taylor Swift799Selena Gomez7710Rihanna7611Kanye West7211Tupac Shakur7213Nicki Minaj6614Ariana Grande6414John Cena6416Katy Perry6317Adele6017Jay-Z6019Elvis Presley6120Prince (musician)5921David Bowie5822Britney Spears5723Louis Tomlinson5523Jennifer Lopez5525Demi Lovato5425Madonna (entertainer)5427John Lennon5328Bob Marley5229Bruno Mars5029Mariah Carey50


(December 1, 2007 – January 1, 2020)

Pornographic actors

(December 1, 2007 – January 1, 2020)

Among musicians and actors there is gender equality in popularity. Sport, politics and history are dominated by males. Popular children and teenagers (as of 2017) were mostly girls. With the millennial males gradually equaling their female contemporaries, this table remains the only one on this page in which women represent a convincing majority. At least here we see the dream of the Women in Red come true.Rank*PageViews in millions1Sunny Leone532Sasha Grey373Mia Khalifa344Jenna Jameson285Lisa Ann236Chyna207Ron Jeremy198Tori Black149Bree Olson139Linda Lovelace139Traci Lords139Alexis Texas1313Janine Lindemulder1213Tera Patrick1213Stormy Daniels1213Dita Von Teese1217Nina Hartley1117Jesse Jane1117Jenna Haze1117Kayden Kross1117James Deen1122Gianna Michaels1022Asa Akira1022Stoya1022Eva Angelina1022Amy Fisher1027Julia Ann927Asia Carrera927Ashlynn Brooke930Lexi Belle830Riley Reid8


(December 1, 2007 – January 1, 2020)

Some professional athletes—Bruce Lee, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Dwayne Johnson and The Undertaker—are classified among actors (above), since their popularity is mostly due to their filmographic performance. John Cena is listed as a musician.RankPageSportViews in millions1Cristiano RonaldoAssociation football1012Lionel MessiAssociation football843Michael JordanBasketball724LeBron JamesBasketball695Muhammad AliBoxing636Tom BradyAmerican football536Roger FedererTennis538Kobe BryantBasketball488O. J. SimpsonAmerican football4810Mike TysonBoxing4311Brock LesnarPro wrestling and MMA4111Shaquille O’NealBasketball4113Rafael NadalTennis3914Conor McGregorMixed martial arts3715Tiger WoodsGolf3616NeymarAssociation football3516Zlatan IbrahimovićAssociation football3516Manny PacquiaoBoxing3516Michael PhelpsSwimming3516Serena WilliamsTennis3521Peyton ManningAmerican football3321Sachin TendulkarCricket3323Stephen CurryBasketball3223Novak DjokovicTennis3223Virat KohliCricket3226David BeckhamAssociation football3127Ronda RouseyJudo, MMA and pro wrestling3028Alistair OvereemMixed martial arts2928Michael OherAmerican football2930RonaldinhoAssociation football2830Wayne RooneyAssociation football28

Modern political leaders

(December 1, 2007 – January 1, 2020)

The list includes political leaders born after AD 1400.

Along the rise of Donald Trump, credit for the 2017 performance must be given to Vladimir Putin-he overtook Sarah Palin for the 23rd place. Palin dropped from the list the following year, mainly due to the mighty advance of the British royal family.RankPageCountryViews in millions1Donald TrumpUnited States1652Barack ObamaUnited States1353Elizabeth IIUnited Kingdom1084Adolf HitlerNazi Germany1045Abraham LincolnUnited States776John F. KennedyUnited States677Queen VictoriaUnited Kingdom628Henry VIII of EnglandUnited Kingdom579George W. BushUnited States559Nelson MandelaSouth Africa559Ronald ReaganUnited States559Winston ChurchillUnited Kingdom5513Mahatma GandhiIndia5214Elizabeth IUnited Kingdom5014Diana, Princess of WalesUnited Kingdom5014Bill ClintonUnited States5017Prince Philip, Duke of EdinburghUnited Kingdom4917George WashingtonUnited States4919Charles, Prince of WalesUnited Kingdom4820Franklin D. RooseveltUnited States4721Joseph StalinSoviet Union4522George H. W. BushUnited States4422Osama bin LadenAl-Qaeda4424Princess Margaret, Countess of SnowdonUnited Kingdom4325Christopher ColumbusGenoa4225Che GuevaraCuba4225Richard NixonUnited States4228George VIUnited Kingdom4128Vladimir PutinRussia4130Mary, Queen of ScotsUnited Kingdom40

Pre-modern people

(December 1, 2007 – January 1, 2020)

This category includes personalities born before AD 1400 (exception is made for Joan of Arc born in 1412) who cannot compete with our contemporaries, like Barack Obama and Michael Jackson. The general top-30 list of people includes 23 living people as of January 2020. This is a feature of the “nascent” Wikipedia. In the course of generations, such top-lists will contain only people passed away, for view-count continues posthumously.

In total, as of October 12, 2019, Wikipedia counts 1,609,522 people.[22] Of them, 929,502 are living,[23] or 57.75% (more than a half). 143,573 more were living in the Wikipedia period,[24] raising the percentage of this period’s people to 66.67 (precisely two-thirds). 341,079 more were living in the century preceeding Wikipedia (1901-2000),[25] raising the percentage of the contemporaries to 87.86. That is, people who lived from the beginning of history until 1900 – 98% of history – constitute only 12.14%. We are highly tempocentric.RankPageTimeViews in millions1Jesus4 BC −30/33 AD472Alexander the Great356 – 323 BC433Julius Caesar100 – 44 BC384Muhammad570 – 623 AD375Genghis Khan1162 – 1227 AD336Aristotle384 – 322 BC297Gautama Buddha6th – 4th centuries BC288Plato428/427 or 424/423 – 348/347 BC248Spartacus111 – 71 BC2410King Arthur**5th – 6th centuries AD2310Joan of Arc1412 – 1431 AD2312Socrates470/469 – 399 BC2213Cleopatra69 – 30 BC2013Charlemagne742/748 – 814 AD2013Tutankhamunc. 1341 – c. 1323 BC2016Augustus63 BC – AD 141916Marco Polo1254 – 1324 AD1918Moses*14th – 13th centuries BC1818Ragnar Lodbrok**9th century AD1818William Wallace1270 – 1305 AD1818Robin Hood**12th – 14th centuries AD1822Nero37 AD – 68 AD1722Caligula12 AD – 41 AD1724Hannibal247 – 183/181 BC1524Confucius551 – 479 BC1526Pythagoras570 – 495 BC1426Abraham*19th – 17th centuries BC1426Asoka304 – 222 BC1429Mary Magdalene1st century AD1329William the Conquerorc. 1028 – 1087 AD1329Alfred the Greatc. 848-899 AD1329Archimedes287 – 212 BC1329Richard I of England1157 – 1199 AD1329Saint Peter? – c. 64 AD1329Paulc. AD 5 – c. 651329Davidc. 1040 – 970 BC13

-*Historicity is unconfirmed by extra-Biblical sources.

-**Historicity is dubious.

3rd-millennium people

(December 1, 2007 – October 1, 2020)

Of people born in the 3rd millennium (which is defined here as starting in 2000), the first to receive a personal page in Wikipedia was Princess Elisabeth, Duchess of Brabant (born October 25, 2001). Her page was created on August 4, 2003. She was followed by two other princesses later that year: Lady Louise Windsor of Wessex obtained her page on November 26, 2003, at the age of 18 days; the page of Catharina-Amalia, Princess of Orange, was created on December 9, 2003.

Lady Louise Windsor, probably, gained the all-time leadership the following year (2004), as her page was much more viewed during the years we have data (December 2007–present). By the end of 2016, she was 4th in the multiyear list. Lady Louise Windsor was, probably, overcome in 2010 by Willow Smith—the undisputed leader of the 2010s. The page of Willow Smith was created on April 23, 2005 (year and a half after Lady Louise Windsor’s). During 2008–2009 the two had similar number of views, while in 2010 Willow Smith counted an extraordinary number of 3,100,000 views.[26] By August 31, 2016, she had total 12 million views, nearly three times more than the closest contender, Jackie Evancho.

In July 2019, Willow Smith was synchronously surpassed by two persons–Billie Eilish and Millie Bobby Brown–after leading over 100 months. Billie Eilish was the first to surpass Smith. On 7/24/2019 Millie Bobby Brown passed Billie Eilish in page views, and held the lead until 7/26/2019. She regained the title on 7/29/2019 and held it until 7/31/2019, and Billie EIlish has held it ever since.[27][28]

The undisputed leader of the year 2019 is Billie Eilish. She began the year on the 22nd place and gained the all time lead in July. For 2019, she was the most viewed among living people of all ages and her page was 10th in the general ranking.[29]

In the 2010s, the hereditary princes are gradually being overtaken by the “princes” of music and movies.

The first sportsperson to make this list is artistic gymnast Laurie Hernandez. She entered the list in August 2016, peaked at the 19th rank by the end of the year and dropped from the list in June 2018. She was followed and surpassed by LaMelo Ball in December 2017 (21st rank as of January 2020). LaMelo was joined and surpassed by his colleague, Zion Williamson, in 2019 (17th rank since October 2019, the highest a millennial athlete ever rose).RankPageViews in millions1Billie Eilish242Millie Bobby Brown 193Willow Smith174Maddie Ziegler135Lil Pump105Prince George of Cambridge107Noah Cyrus9.68Finn Wolfhard8.29Gaten Matarazzo8.110Greta Thunberg7.911Lady Louise Windsor6.812JoJo Siwa6.713Danielle Bregoli6.613Princess Charlotte of Cambridge6.615Mackenzie Foy6.516Jackie Evancho6.4*Barron Trump6.317Jacob Tremblay5.817Zion Williamson5.819Isabela Moner5.420James, Viscount Severn5.120LaMelo Ball5.122Yara Shahidi5.023Rowan Blanchard4.624Frankie Jonas4.525Skai Jackson4.326Jazz Jennings4.027Zaira Wasim3.928Dafne Keen3.829Noah Schnapp3.530Auli’i Cravalho3.430Grace VanderWaal3.430Mckenna Grace3.4

-* Not personal page.

Historical most-viewed 3rd-millennium persons

The following table lists the five persons to become Wikipedia’s most-viewed millennial person, from August 4, 2003 to the present.

 Current record (⁂)

 Former record (*)Progression of the most-viewed millennial persons on WikipediaPersonViews*Page creation dateMonth achievedMonths heldPrincess Elisabeth, Duchess of Brabant1Aug 4, 2003August 4, 20034-16**Lady Louise Windsor100,000–200,000**Nov 26, 20032004**70-84**Willow Smith4,000,000–5,000,000**Apr 23, 2005October – December 2010**103-105 **Millie Bobby Brown17,300,000Jul 22, 2016July 20191***Billie Eilish17,300,000Apr 15, 2017July 20196As of 12 July 2020

-*The approximate number of views each person had when she became Wikipedia’s most-viewed millennial.

-** Probable estimation.

-***Millie Bobby Brown held the leadership for 4 days in July 2019.[30]

Music bands

Sport teams

(December 1, 2007 – January 1, 2020).

The list is overwhelmingly dominated by association football teams. Notable among American sports teams is the Golden State Warriors, whose page views came heavily from the previous four years.RankPageViews in millions1Manchester United F.C.562FC Barcelona463Chelsea F.C.434Arsenal F.C.425Liverpool F.C.416Real Madrid C.F.397Manchester City F.C.308Brazil national football team269Juventus F.C.259Tottenham Hotspur F.C.2511England national football team2411A.C. Milan2413Germany national football team2213FC Bayern Munich2213New England Patriots2216Spain national football team1916Los Angeles Lakers1918Argentina national football team1818France national football team1818Golden State Warriors1821Borussia Dortmund1721Paris Saint-Germain F.C.1723New York Yankees1523Green Bay Packers1523Italy national football team1523Newcastle United F.C.1523West Ham United F.C.1528Netherlands national football team1428Aston Villa F.C.1428Leicester City F.C.1428Inter Milan1428Rangers F.C.1428Celtic F.C.14

Films and TV series

(December 1, 2007 – January 1, 2020).


(December 1, 2007 – January 1, 2020).RankPageArtistViews in millions1Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club BandBeatles152ThrillerMichael Jackson142The Dark Side of the MoonPink Floyd144RecoveryEminem135My Beautiful Dark Twisted FantasyKanye West125The BeatlesBeatles125The WallPink Floyd125Abbey RoadBeatles12921Adele1110NevermindNirvana9.411The Marshall Mathers LPEminem9.212Watch the ThroneJay-Z & Kanye West9.113808s & HeartbreakKanye West8.314Led Zeppelin IVLed Zeppelin8.115Let It Be (Beatles album)Beatles7.716The Slim Shady LPEminem7.616Teenage DreamKaty Perry7.618Rubber SoulBeatles7.518GraduationKanye West7.520The Eminem ShowEminem7.421MetallicaMetallica7.3221989Taylor Swift7.222FearlessTaylor Swift7.222RedTaylor Swift7.222LoudRihanna7.222Good Kid, M.A.A.D CityKendrick Lamar7.227YeezusKanye West7.028Hybrid TheoryLinkin Park6.928BadMichael Jackson6.930The FameLady Gaga6.8

Books and book series

(December 1, 2007 – January 1, 2020).

Naruto is classified as a TV series (above) as it is more popular as an anime, and there is no separate page for the manga. Books with film/TV adaptations are listed below, as many of the links below are franchise pages. Note that A Song of Ice and Fire‘s popularity is considerably outstripped by that of its TV adaptation Game of Thrones.RankPageViews in millions1Harry Potter772Fifty Shades of Grey493A Song of Ice and Fire484The Hunger Games465Bible346The Great Gatsby327The Lord of the Rings308Nineteen Eighty-Four289A Game of Thrones2710Kama Sutra2511To Kill a Mockingbird2412Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland2312Les Misérables2314The Handmaid’s Tale2214Watchmen2216The Winds of Winter2117Pride and Prejudice2017Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows2017The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo2017The Catcher in the Rye2021Inferno1922It1822Lolita1822Frankenstein1825The Hobbit1725Sex1725Code Geass1725The Picture of Dorian Gray1725Animal Farm1730Odyssey1630Don Quixote1630Of Mice and Men1630Brave New World1630Dracula16

Pre-modern books and texts

(December 1, 2007 – January 1, 2020).

This list includes books and texts composed before 1500 AD.

The leader of the 2010s had been Kama Sutra but the last year of the decade was the year of the Bible. In this year alone, Bible logged more views than in previous dozen years combined, securing the lead for years to come in this list and rising from the 24th to the 5th place in the general book list above.RankPageCivillizationViews in millions1BibleIsrael342Kama SutraIndia253Inferno (Dante)Italy194OdysseyGreece165BeowulfBritain156QuranCaliphate146Rosetta StoneEgypt148Divine ComedyItaly138MahabharataIndia1310IliadGreece1211RamayanaIndia1011The Art of WarChina1011Epic of GilgameshMesopotamia1014VedasIndia9.215The Canterbury TalesBritain9.016One Thousand and One NightsCaliphate8.417TalmudIsrael7.918Code of HammurabiMesopotamia7.819I ChingChina6.019Oedipus the KingGreece6.021AeneidRome5.322Book of the DeadEgypt5.123RigvedaIndia4.924Domesday BookBritain4.725Tao Te ChingChina4.626UpanishadsIndia4.227Cupid and PsycheGreece3.728LysistrataGreece3.229TitanomachyGreece3.030The DecameronItaly2.9

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